Zagreb- the capital

I’m always biased when its conversation about Zagreb. It is the city that made impression on me since my college days. Maybe that’s because I come from a small village so everything that is crowded feels better.  It seemed to me that bigger more crowded cities have many more opportunities. When u come in that city, looking from a windshield all those tall buildings, all those people hurrying to catch something. Maybe it’s a local transport, maybe they are late on an important meeting, maybe it’s just a habit of a living in a big city. I always connected the city of Zagreb with these words: opportunity, curiosity, change, idea, intelligence. And in no time I was going there again.


The bus was empty and we were at a bus stop. I got a job outside of my profession that I worked for a month. I would probably do it a little bit longer if I didn’t get my job after a month. I was working in a warehouse where I was sorting drinks that were driven by trucks as a supply to shops, stores, and supermarkets. It was a heavy physical job but it was chosen by me just because of that reason. I needed to lose weight cause I get dangerous when I step on your feet.

The company was called Jamnica ( ).


From the start, I was confused by the attitude of people working there. They were all for themselves and would rarely help each other. Great thing if you are contender at hunger games. Sometimes things escalated between them. It was hard working in an environment where everyone is looking for your mistake so they could take advantage of it. There were a few people that were more keen on helping you. One of them was called as me. Such a cool name.

Let’s get back to the city, shall we?

  1. The Croatian State Archives (CROATIAN: Hrvatski državni arhiv)

The Croatian State Archives (Hrvatski državni arhiv) are the national archives of Croatia located in its capital, Zagreb. The history of the state archives can be traced back to the 17th century. There are also regional state archives located in BjelovarDubrovnikGospićKarlovacOsijekPazinRijekaSisakSlavonski BrodSplitVaraždin and Zadar.



2. Square of King Tomislav(Trg kralja Tomislava)

“During these summer months of travelers headed through Zagreb to the coast, this Trg becomes position A for human observation. Expertly manicured, puppies, pigeons, and people mingle together as though DNA differences were no big deal. The multi-line tram stop and underground Importanne mall are superbly immediate. Great sky views in the early evening.”  Trg kralja Tomislava- sightseeing


There is a lot more beautiful things that this city offers. I’ll try to just give you pics, and you try to get familiar with each one when you visit it. Not many pictures so instead on you relying on me try to research yourself.


COME TO ZAGREB !!! 🙂  (Too Euphoric?)


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