Father of Pes and a walk trough wildland

My father and I decided to have some physical activity early in the morning. Well not that early. It was around 9 a.m. We brought our dog with us. You will get to know him as the Father of Pes.

This is Pes. A puppy that got his name from a game.

So the three companions were on their way to the wilderness created by the lack of people, past war, emigration, bad state policies and illegal cutting of the trees.

Bad conditions and poverty brought people to the conclusion that if they stay in this part of Croatia they will have a low-quality life. The land that stays behind them is unused and forgotten. The people that stayed, because they had no other choice are also forgotten. So forgotten land and forgotten people in a game called “How the hell can I get far from here”.

The only one from the company of three companions that seemed happy was the Father of Pes.


To us, it was all the same but to this dog, every little hill, every pond, and every tree were an opportunity. He was blissfully happy like he was trying to teach us a lesson.

After a while, Father of Pes went under the radar. No sight of him for over an hour. So let’s skip one hour ahead.

“Prodigal son returns”

Did I learn something from this walk? I probably didn’t but I got myself tired and dirty.
So the last video on post should be the funny one. My crazy rule.



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