Old chess set and road to 2100 on chesstempo-Tactics

Well today was a success if I may say it so, boldly, myself.
I accomplished my goal.
My rating boldly (again that word) went to unknown territory and put a flag on a height of 2112.

Lets talk about old chess set.
When it was a kid it was new but today its precious because it is the only chess set that I have, that I need. And I don’t use it often because computer era replaced the need for practice on a wooden board.
Today’s puzzles are interesting and will be presented on a wooden board and also as a images from chess tempo. I will try to explain my thought process bellow them.


  1. Rook on the seventh


I immediately saw that king was cut of because placement of a rook on a7.
With the move Ra3 Black threatens mate. After  Qd3+ I had a few choices where to put king or maybe block it with a g pawn.Blocking with a g pawn is a mistake because Queen takes with a check.  I was concentrating could the one rook catch the pawns after exchange on h8. And as it turns out it could.

2. Unsound sacrifice and a game of tempos


I actually  first looked what if  exf5. Answer is Qd5+ picking a bishop and wining a pawn. So what can I do with that unguarded bishop on c5. Qd5+ worried me so I calculated little further  and after taking with check and then taking the knight on f5 I can play Be3 to deal with check on d5 with a tempo.

3. Promotion


Lets put a variations on the table. Black to move. First my calculation was this: 1…Rxd6 2.Bxe4 Rxc6 3.Bxc6 c7– the pawn advances. But then white can play: 1.Rxd6 2.Rxd6 and then rook and knight was hanging. 3. c7 ! white have to stop a promotion so Rc6 back. 3…Rxb4 4.Rxb4 Nhxb4 covering the c7. Forced line=easier to calculate. So my advice is be good at calculating forced lines.

4.Fork at its finest


A long time I was cracking my head but when I realized that Qd6+ isn’t a move I quickly after that figured it out. I didn’t see the idea but on brute force of calculating I saw the fork on  f6.

5. Distraction and mate


White to play.


Is all I wanted to say. I shortly got stuck on 3….fxg4 but the bishop saves the day 🙂

6. Pin it to win it


To me this one was simple.

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