Stayed chilled :D

I had the master plan, I’m in the caravan on my way to Maryland, with my man Two-TEC’s to take over this projects
They call him Two-TEC’s, he tote two TEC’s
And when he start to bust, he like to ask, “Who’s next?”
I got my honey on the Amtrak with the crack
In the crack of her ass, two pounds of hash in the stash
I wait for hon to make some quick cash
I told her she could be lieutenant, bitch got gassed
At last, I’m literally lounging, black
Sitting back, counting double digit thousand stacks
Had to re-up, see what’s up with my peeps
Toyota Deal-a-Thon had it cheap on the Jeeps

All I do is separate the game from the truth
Big bang boots from the Bronx to Bolivia
Gettin’ physical like Olivia Newton
Tricks suck my clique dick all day with no trivia

So gimme a hoe, a bankroll and a bag of weed
I’m guaranteed to fuck her till her nose bleed
Even if your new man’s a certified mack
You’ll get that H-town in ya, you’ll want that old thing back

What you wanna do? I got that old thing back

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