French defence

Well I dont play on higher level but I plan to in a few, maybe even more years  and my choice on 1.e4   now and in the future shall be 1…e6.

I’m not rated player but give me some credit. Most of the time I have love for the game, I’ve beaten masters before and trough the process of posting I’ll try to give you useful  correct information .


In the opening, White traditionally enjoys the initiative.
1 e4 e6
2 d4 d5

we have this position.


Here white have few continuations which usually results in advancing the pawn sooner or later.

1. The Advanced variation ( 3.e5)

2. The Exchanged variation (3.exd5 exd5)

3. The  Tarrasch variation (3.Nh2)

4. The Classical variation (3. Nc3)

French variations

On the next posts about French I will learn these variations one by one.
There will be some videos from Gm’s comenting these variations.

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